David Rodriguez     AnimationMethods     copyright © 2016
- 171 color pages.
- Add bones to your character models.
- Fundamentals of joint setup.
- Create controls on a face for full expressions.
- Great for first time riggers and students.
- How to paint weights.
- Follow a step by step guide.
- Easy to understand with YouTube video links.
- How to prepare models for rigging.
- Cover all basics of rigging so you can rig your creations.
- 240 color pages.
- Learn to use Maya software.
- How can I learn to animate.
- Do I have to go to school or can I learn it on my own.
- How much money can I earn animating.
- How do I create a demo reel.
- How can I get hired as an animator.
- Everything you need to animate characters to life.
- Lots of examples, videos, lessons, and photographs.
- Step by step to making your own animations.
Don't understand how to rig?  This video
tutorial will show you step by step how to rig
your first character by adding joints and
controllers to the entire body.
Download this video straight to your computer!
Let's take out the complexity of rigging FK/IK
arms and simplify it with this easy to follow
video tutorial.  You get files to follow along.  
Finally, someone who makes it fun and easy.
Download this over the internet now.
Ready to make your character talk.  This video
tutorial will show you how to create
blendshapes and facial controls to make your
character's face come to life.
Buy, download, and watch.  That easy!
This video tutorial will help you bring your
character to life by showing you professionals
tips and secrets.  Create animation cycles
ready for in game integration.
Stream it instantly or download the videos!
   We bring you the most entertaining and simplest
Maya tutorials for any level artist.  If you can't endure
those long boring online tutorials then you've come to
the right place.  We set out to make a YouTube
channel the way CG artists act at heart;

Instructor:  David Rodriguez has worked on Mafia III, NBA 2K16, NBA 2K15, Allegiant VR, Ice Age Arctic
Games, Star Wars Kinect, World War Z, Piranha 3D, and
Start Wars - The Force Unleashed II.